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Fascinated By Fungi: Dr. Gordon A. Walker

Dr. Gordon Walker

Dr. Gordon Walker has a PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from UC Davis. His graduate research focused on wine microbiology, yeast physiology, and the microbial ecology of fermentation. A full list of his peer reviewed academic publications can be found on his Research Gate Profile.

After receiving his doctorate in 2016, Dr. Walker worked at Opus One Winery for two harvests, isolating wild yeast for wine production and establishing redox potential as process parameter for the wine industry. He continues to work along side the wine industry as a post-doctorate scholar with Dr. Ron Runnebaum at UC Davis. He is also a board member for the Sonoma Mycology Association (SOMA). You can connect professionally with Dr. Walker via his LinkedIn Profile.

Dr. Walker also consults on a variety of wine, microbiology, and fermentation related projects, more information is available on GordonWalkerConsulting.com

Beyond his obsession with fungi, Dr. Walker enjoys keeping succulents, gardening, cooking for friends, and spending quality time with his cat.

At this time, Dr. Walker does not lead public tours or forays.

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