Mushroom Discounts

Mushroom Grow Kits

Use my "FASCINATEDBYFUNGI" Discount code on to save 10% on Mushroom Kits, the Boom Room grow chamber, Grain/Sawdust Spawn, Opinel Mushroom knives, and more!


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Up your Mushroom Kit game with the "Mella" a specially designed humidity controlled fruiting chamber built especially for mushroom blocks. Click here to learn more.

Mella Mushroom Fruiting Chamber from FirstBuild


CALM: Fly Agaric (Amanita muscaria) Extract Tincture

Try the first and only legal extract of Fly Agaric (Amanita muscaria) made with a patented proprietary process in a pharmaceutical-grade facility with certified mushrooms collected by expert foragers. The CALM tincture made by Psyched Wellness may help with sleep, pain, inflammation, anxiety, and more. This is the easiest and safest way for you to try the entheogenic effects of muscimol and Amanita muscaria.

Calm: Amanita muscaria extract tincture

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Mushroom Capsule Filler

Together NoMad Capsule Filler

Do you want to try mushroom supplement capsules, but are put off by the price? Try filling your own capsules, with the easy to use Together NoMad Capsule filler system. You control what goes in, so you'll know exactly what your supplements are made of. Use discount code "FASCINATEDBYFUNGI" to save 10% on your order.

Video/Streaming Equipment

Canvas Lamp

This is my favorite piece of equipment for recording my cooking and live streaming. The flexible arm, adjustable light, and heavy base make this idea for all sorts of projects. I highly recommend this product for anyone who wants to up their video recording and streaming setup. Check Canvas Lamps out here!

FBF Amazon Store Front

See all of my recommended books, foraging gear, mushroom products, and home decor.

Check out a curated selection of great mushroom related products on Amazon

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Fermentation Equipment

Check out my favorite equipment for doing small scale fermentations. This is the ChouAmi "Little Fermenter", an easy to use and clean system that allows to do lacto-fermentation at home. I've been obsessed with making lacto-hot sauce and "half-sour" lacto-pickles. My gut is thanking me for introducing more lactic acid bacteria and fermented veggies into my diet.

Lacto-fermented jalapenos

FascinatedByFungi "The Little Fermenter" landing page

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Mushroom Food & Drink

Try some delicious troop mushroom gummies produced and sustainably sourced in the the USA. Use discount code "FASCINATEDBYFUNGI" to save on your order!


 Get 10% off your order of delicious and addictive Shiitake Jerky with the "FascinatedByFungi" Discount Code from

Munchrooms Shiitake Jerky


 Do you like delicious mushroom jerky with great texture and an assortment of flavors? Check out Moku Mushroom Jerky and save 10% with code "FASCINATEDBYFUNGI"


Mushroom Supplements

Disclaimer: I do not personally take mushroom supplements for health. If you do buy supplements, be sure to buy supplements from a reputable company that makes products from Mushroom fruiting bodies (as opposed to mycelium) and offers some kind of quantitative metrics for their products (Beta-Glucan content).

Mushroom Revival

Mushroom Revival is a great company who uses actual fruiting bodies to make their supplements (not just mycelium grown in rice bran).

Mushrooms contain a bevy of bioactive compounds and complex polysaccharides that can help to support a healthy immune system, potentially decrease inflammation, and possibly help our gut microbiota biodiversity. Save 10% on your order with my "FascinatedByFungi" discount code.